City Art Centre


Business Number: 835319823RR0001

City Art Centre (CAC), a registered charity, is a peer support organization for people living with mental illness. CAC provides a safe, respectful space for expression through various art forms. Members benefit from belonging to the caring community at CAC. Peer support, fellowship, and encouragement facilitate recovery, foster self-responsibility, and improve quality of life.

Over the years members have developed a wide range of styles, forms, and techniques to support individual creative processes. Quality of life is enhanced as feelings are expressed through art and healing is facilitated.

The current location, on the second floor of 652 Elizabeth Street, is the result of the generosity of the Recreation Department of the City of London. City Art Centre is governed by an elected board consisting of members of CAC and the community at large. ?

At our drop-in studio we provide art supplies and internet for members and visitors at no charge. Members sign an agreement to follow the rules regarding use of the studio and respect for others.

The studio is supervised by volunteer coordinators who are members. They receive a per diem. There are no paid employees. We have approximately 52 members with about 1000 sign-ins by members in 2016-17.?

One of our main sources of funding is the annual Walk of Courage to be held June at Covent Garden Market. Members seek out sponsors to support the walk and their effort to help keep City Art Centre open. ?

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