City Street Outreach

Registered Name: City Street Outreach

Business Number: 824333132RR0001


What is our mission?

We provide food and clothing to the streets of Toronto and people and families in community housing with food and financial insecurities.

City Street Outreach (which started out as The Toronto Blanket Ministry) was founded by a group of individuals who felt led to help those living on the streets and community housing.

Why is this type of ministry necessary?

We believe we are called to care for those in need as it is a life and death scenario at various times of the year for our city's citizens.

Through love and compassion we can help some leave the streets into homes, others into treatment centers, and still others we can give them hope and respect as humans equal to all of us. The poor, the mentally ill, the elderly, the war heroes, the addicts, the abused, the heartbroken, the scared, the victims, the guilty; all require clothing and food to live and help from the able to help them survive and reintegrate whenever possible through compassionate means.

What People Are Saying

"Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves."

— Paul the Apostle, Phill. 2:3

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