Registered Name: CIVIX

Business Number: 873006829RR0001

Our Mission

CIVIX is a national, non-partisan charity that inspires young Canadians to become active and engaged citizens. Through our programming we are building a healthy and robust democracy inspired by the full participation of its youngest members.


CIVIX provides experiential learning opportunities for young Canadians to practice their rights and responsibilities as citizens. Instead of simply studying about their democracy, they experience it first-hand with pertinent issues in real-time.

Our program streams focus on elections, budgets, and fostering relationships between students and elected representatives.

Election programs:

CIVIX coordinates parallel elections for youth under the voting age that coincide with official elections. Student Vote, our flagship program, combines in-class learning, family dialogue, and media consumption with an authentic voting experience.

Since 2003, more than 3 million young Canadians have cast ballots in Student Vote elections.

Non-election programs:

Between elections, CIVIX services classrooms with programs that focus on political issues, current affairs, deliberative dialogue, professional development, and leadership opportunities.

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