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Clan Mothers Healing Village & Knowledge Centre

Registered Name: Clan Mothers Turtle Lodge Inc.

Business No: 866806755RR0001

Providing support to women survivors of trauma, sexual violence, sexual exploitation, and trafficking as they begin their healing journey.

Clan Mothers Healing Village & Knowledge Centre


Clan Mothers is developing a land-based healing village to provide culturally innovative solutions for women, girls and 2SLGBTQQIA people in a community living environment, incorporating traditional Indigenous healing and spiritual mentorship, while encouraging individual growth through programming, training and social enterprise.

The concept of Clan Mothers Healing Village was born from 18 years of Indigenous, land-based healing gatherings for women, organized in rural Manitoba by Grandmothers Turtle Lodge.

The success of Clan Mothers work over the years has inspired us to expand our reach and capacity to bring substantive change and hope to our communities and to our women and girls.

Clan Mothers has an organizational structure in place, has the land to build the Village, and has the experts ready to get “shovels in the ground”.

Now, you can help Clan Mothers Healing Village truly make a difference!

We are actively raising funds, through government programs, corporate support and public donations, to make this vision a reality, and to start healing on the land.

Your gift to the Clan Mothers Healing Village will help assure that women, girls and 2SLGBTQQIA people will receive the help and support that they need. 

Future generations will benefit from your support. Healing begins here.




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