Clean Air Partnership


Business Number: 890469562RR0001

Our Mission

The Clean Air Partnership is a registered charity that works in partnership to promote and coordinate actions to improve local air quality and reduce greenhouse gases for healthy communities.

Working in partnership:

* We motivate individuals, utilities, schools, businesses, institutions, government and community groups to take action to reduce energy use and air pollution.

* We showcase best practices and support actions in the local community to raise awareness of the social and economic benefits of improved air quality.

CAP’s major initiatives include:

* The Clean Air Council which identifies and promotes effective initiatives to reduce the occurrence of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in the GTA and SWO, and their associated health risks. The Clean Air Council works on the very simple premise that if one jurisdiction undertakes a clean air/climate change action that it makes sense to share their experience and learnings with other jurisdictions. In this way it helps to promote and raise the bar for the implementation of actions that will lead us to lower carbon and more healthy and livable communities. Bringing together municipalities and their partners to identify opportunities to implement clean air and climate change actions.

* Toronto Centre for Active Transportation is a project of the Clean Air Partnership that guides our active transportation work. TCAT advances knowledge and evidence to build support for safe and inclusive streets for walking and cycling. TCAT and CAP believe that active transportation plays a critical role in creating environmentally and economically sustainable cities.

* Coordinating 20/20 The Way to Clean Air, a social marketing energy conservation program delivered through schools in the GTA.

* Building municipal capacity to increase resilience to climate change impacts into municipal decision making and policy direction.

About Clean Air Partnership

CAP and TCAT also undertakes active applied research focusing on active transportation, green buildings, land use and public health, green procurement, urban forestry, green energy, climate adaptation, community and corporate energy planning, link between green policies and green economic development, clean air policy and planning, green fleets, and community engagement on clean air and climate change.

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