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Urgent need - Incubator. Wildlife baby season is coming!

 Did you know that incubators are an integral part of animal rehabilitation, especially for wildlife?

It’s true, and unfortunately ours has given its all, so we’re desperately in need of a new one.

As an organization who receives over 350 animals a year, this machine isn’t just a helper, it’s a full-time employee!

What do we use these incubators for?

Well, with baby season just around the corner, this machine is used to help our babies to keep a regulated body temperature because many of them can’t do that by themselves until they’re much older.

Is it only for babies?  Surprisingly, no!

We’ve had many patients, big and small, furry and feathered take up residence in our incubators while they’re healing from various injuries and ailments. The main goal of this incubator is just to keep the animals warm and regulated, even when their own bodies can’t.

How can I help? Donate and spread the word!

Every set of eyes we can get on this helps us get that much closer to having one of these back at our facility.

From all of us here, feathered, furry and human, thank you!

Note: Any funds raised above our goal will be used towards the many additional costs of the upcoming baby season including food, medical treatment, other items from our Amazon wishlist etc. 


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