Colchester Christian Academy


Business Number: 859439267RR0001

Colchester Christian Academy is a Christian school located in Bible Hill, Nova Scotia.  We offer a quality, well-rounded education for children from age 4 through to grade 12. CCA’s educational programs are well respected with proven results, and are taught from a Christ-centered approach to learning.

What People Are Saying

"Thank you to Colchester Christian Academy. Thank you for bringing the children to the IWK so Caleb could have a birthday party with his classmates. Thank you for the cards and prayers. I cried as I heard about how you rang the bell every hour the day of transplant and prayed for Caleb. Thank you."

— Melissa Whittier

"Just wanted to check in to see how week one has been with Gab's transition into CCA. I have to say that we see a remarkable difference in Gab at home. She is motivated to learn, interested in doing well, has not been panicking or complaining. She speaks highly of her teacher and her classmates..."

— Sandra Henneberry

"...that have been welcoming and very supportive. I certainly see a spark of enthusiasm for improving her grades and her creative interests are noticeable again. For so long she worried about not doing well in school. I feel there is great potential and am hopeful for what the year may bring."

— Sandra Henneberry

"I've been impressed with the teachers and the curriculum. Owen has really excelled academically over the years and has made so many great friends. This is Sam's first year and I have already seen amazing results. CCA is one of the best decisions we have made for our family."

— Cheryl McLeod

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