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Our Mission

To promote the well being of the Collingwood community by providing leadership and working collaboratively with individuals, families, agencies and other groups to develop and support inclusive, innovative, sustainable initiatives and services that respond to the community’s social, educational, economic, health, cultural and recreational needs.

Values & Beliefs

1. Cooperation and mutual respect among people;

2. Self-reliance of individuals and the empowerment of people and the Collingwood community as a whole;

3. Social justice and equitable treatment for all individuals;

4. Accountable to the community and responsive to its changing needs;

5. Full participation of all peoples in the social, cultural and economic life of the Collingwood community;

6. Valuing and recognizing the work and accomplishments of staff and volunteers and providing staff and volunteers with ongoing support, feedback and continuous learning opportunities;

7. Resident involvement in problem-solving and decision-making;

8. Integration, collaboration and co-operation among service providers and within the organization and the Collingwood community;

9. Diversity and multicultural nature of the Collingwood community.


Collingwood Neighbourhood House supports individual residents and groups in the Renfrew-Collingwood community (a very diverse, multicultural East Vancouver neighbourhood of almost 49,000 residents) to improve their community socially, recreationally, culturally, educationally, economically, physically and environmentally.

Through a community building perspective with a particular focus on neighbourhood inclusion and volunteerism, we focus on residents of all ages who are marginalized due to conditions such as poverty, language ability, immigrant settlement, and little or no family support. We work to alleviate hardship, actively encourage inclusivity, facilitate intercultural exchange, seek to improve communication and understanding, improve quality of life, broaden the capacity of residents to address individual and community issues, help one another, reduce isolation and enhance the community as a whole through a welcoming and inclusive environment.

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