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Our Mission

Common Ground Co-operative has, as its purpose, a determination to bring together the large pool of expertise and talent found in existing institutions, agencies, businesses and other community groups to support the creation and maintenance of business enterprises for people who have intellectual challenges. We foster this model in a context of community economic development. The role of the Co-operative is to support and develop small businesses through fund-raising, consulting, networking and service agreements in order to proved the dignity of meaningful and sustainable employment to people who otherwise would not be able to participate in the world of work.

Transforming Lives

Since 2000, Common Ground Co-operative (CGC) has been creating social enterprise opportunities for adults with Autism, Down Syndrome and other developmental disabilities.

As an award winning, charitable service organization we continue to promote the inclusion of persons with developmental disabilities in the workplace, while creating exciting self-employment enterprises. Common Ground is empowering the participants in these enterprises by giving them ownership, responsibility and decision-making authority to run the businesses and make their enterprises viable, meeting a double bottom line of financial and social success.

The day-to-day operations of the enterprises are made possible with the support of Job Coaches who provide an effective learning environment by working alongside our clients, allowing them to develop and utilize their personal and professional skills and strengthen the development of the businesses. 

By supporting Common Ground Cooperative and the programs it delivers, you'll help to ensure that some of the most vulnerable people in ur city live their lives to their full potential.

Common Ground Co-operative offers a unique model of wrap-around supports leading to employment:

  • Training and support: Social and counseling support services, and skills based training that provides an opportunity to earn an income while learning and working in the community
  • Education: Literacy Skills and Job Training Program to enhance and improve skills, knowledge and experience for full or part-time employment
  • Employment: Participants improve communication skills, gain valuable workplace experience, engage in commercial activity, and positively impact the local economy while fully supported by a job coach and the organization.


What People Are Saying

"“I am passionate about all aspects of my job especially when it involves people. The Foundations Program taught me what is expected of me in my workplace, how to interact with customers and how important it is to work as a team. CGC helped me become focused on achieving success in life” "

— Partner & Client, Ron S.

"“My name is Andrew and I have Down Syndrome. My disability doesn’t stop me from achieving my goals. With the help of Common Ground I get to make decisions and choices that affect me and my co-workers "

— Partner & Client, Andrew G.

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