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Anglican Communion Partners (Canada) Inc.

Registered Name: Anglican Communion Partners (Canada) Inc.

Business No: 832496855RR0001

Anglican Communion Partners (Canada) Inc.


We are a national organization representing Canadian Anglicans, coast to coast to coast.

Canadian Communion Partners endeavors to be a rallying place for faithful Canadian Anglicans who want to see the Anglican Church of Canada embrace and live by the principles of its own constitution as set forth in the Solemn Declaration of 1893, and clarified in the Montreal Declaration of Anglican Essentials of 1994. We are striving to assist the efforts of all Anglicans in this country who wish to see their church remain in full membership with the global Anglican Communion. To that end, we support the Anglican Covenant and urge our church to endorse it and pattern our relationships with other Anglicans by it.

While being organizationally separate from the orthodox in other Anglican jurisdictions in Canada, we continue in informal fellowship with them in the cause of the Gospel while addressing the specific situation within our own Anglican Church of Canada.


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