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Recovery Day Ottawa

Registered Name: Community Addictions Peer Support Association of Ottawa

Business No: 849817838RR0001

Recovery Day Ottawa

Recovery Day Ottawa is an annual event organized by Community Addictions Peer Support Association. Celebrate all the pathways to recovery, foster hope, reduce stigma, engage the broader community, create a platform to discuss increasing resources to support recovery.

Recovery Day Ottawa is an annual community event organized by CAPSA Ottawa  in the month of September. Our purpose is to help reduce the stigma surrounding addiction and raise awareness about recovery in our community.

We endeavour to engage the broader community by building partnerships with local, provincial and national organizations and raising awareness through the #RecoveryAlly campaign.


- Reduce barriers of stigma and discrimination directed towards those affected by addiction   

- Engage the broader community in support of addiction recovery   

- Build a platform for dialogue on increased resources for new and existing services in our community

- Celebrate the many pathways to recovery in our community   

- Foster hope for those who still suffer in active addiction