Community Builders Network


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Our Mission, Values and Vision

Community Builders mission is to support communities challenged by chronic poverty in their quest to find natural pathways to wellness and self-sufficiency.

Community Builders values bottom-up development, local leadership and self-sufficiency.

Community Builders has a vision to increase its efforts in Canada, Haiti, sub-Saharan Africa and other countries, without compromising its distinctive decentralized structure.

About Our Charity

The Community Builders Network began in Canada in 1983. Currently the network is a partnership of 16 not-for-profit organizations, based in 7 countries, using 4 different languages.

The activities of the Canadian partners include Whole Life Housing housing and social employment development for persons who are homeless and challenged by under-treated medical and social difficulties. In Vancouver, Community Builders operates 12 Whole Life Housing centers (home to 800 persons) and four social enterprise businesses. Community Builders also supports women with crisis pregnancies and children who need life-long relational supports.

In Haiti and sub-Saharan African, the network supports micro business and medical development through is Sustainable Villages Initiative. There are currently over 200,000 beneficiaries of Community Builders local partnerships internationally.

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