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Aerobics First Vital People Fund


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Aerobics First Vital People Fund

Enhancing the vitality of others through sport, fitness and physical activity

Running a small business is not for the faint of heart. Creating a successful small business which withstands the test of time requires a special team of individuals whose commitment to the success of the organization and the community it serves is evident in all that they do – from going that extra mile for a customer, to covering extra shifts for an ill colleague, to participating in activities outside of the store which strengthen the community as a whole. These features shared by all staff at Aerobics First have helped the running, ski and apparel shop to thrive for over thirty years as it serves a loyal customer base out of its Quinpool Road location.

In 2011, Luke MacDonald of Aerobics First was awarded the Ubuntu Award by Belega International in recognition of his history of accomplishments in establishing partnerships locally, nationally and globally that have benefitted many communities and created lasting legacies. In keeping with the spirit of the Ubuntu Award, the Aerobics First Vital People Fund was created to recognize and celebrate outstanding individuals in Nova Scotia who have truly demonstrated a sense of Ubuntu – that is, a sense of humanity and community – and who, through their presence, have made a vital impact on their community.

Vitality is what fuels Aerobics First’s work as it helps others to create and sustain an active, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. This Award seeks to recognize individuals who have also committed themselves to enhancing the vitality and health of others through sport, fitness, physical activity and lifestyle change. Nominees have demonstrated leadership and have worked faithfully to help improve the quality of life of others.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this award, nominees must be residents of Nova Scotia.

Selection Criteria

The nominee’s work must be focussed on the preventative side of the health continuum – for example, fitness, healthy eating, etc., and the work must have a lasting positive effect on the lives of those in their local community- and perhaps beyond.

Award Frequency

One award will be granted each year. The Fund committee reserves the right to make awards on a more or less frequent basis.