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Gaelic Community Development Fund


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Gaelic Community Development Fund

The Gaelic Community Development Fund was created by concerned Gaelic community members for the specific purpose of supporting the continuance of Gaels as an ethnocultural group in Nova Scotia by supporting Gaelic language, culture and identity capacity building initiatives, projects and programs. This fund, supports the broader well-being of communities through the strengthening of the common good, improving quality of life, and addressing challenging issues in thoughtful and meaningful ways. The fund supports the social needs and broad interests of Gaels as a people including language and culture that may pertain to education, arts, heritage, health, wellness, recreation, sport, and spirituality of our vibrant communities.

Your gift to the Gaelic Community Development Fund will never outlive its usefulness. The Gaelic Community Development Fund is a permanent endowment fund, meaning that only the interest is used to support local causes. Your gift contributes to the vitality of the community both today and tomorrow. What better gift can you give to your friends, your family and your neighbours?