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West Hants Community Fund


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West Hants Community Fund

This Fund was established to provide a way for all of us to contribute to the community we love and to help ensure that our needs are addressed both now and into the future.

How the Fund Works

The Fund is administered by local community members who know our area well. They:

  1. Help to grow the Fund and gather community resources to support the Fund’s activities;
  2. Actively engage with others to understand the community’s needs and opportunities; and
  3. Distribute interest from the Fund to local organizations that make Hants West a great place to live.

About our Fund

As one of the newest community funds in the province, our focus is on the area of Hants West.  This fund has been established to offer current and former residents of the area, the opportunity to make donations, large and small, to a fund that will grow over time and continually support locally led giving and action to address local priorities.

Prior to the development of this fund, we conducted a Vital Signs® report that pulls together secondary information to help identify the realities, challenges, and opportunities in our area.  Our intent is to use this report for strategic decision making and to inspire local action and collaboration among businesses, non-profits, charities, governments and individual citizens.