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Our Mission

The Community Foundation of Whistler manages donations as long term investments in the community, supporting grants to local charities year after year. We are building a community where charities have long term sources of stable funding to support the full range of community life. As the only local option for creating a permanent personal legacy for your community, we help you to support the causes that you care about. The Community Foundation of Whistler is working to bring the community together to grow and ensure our solid tomorrow

About Our Charity

The Community Foundation of Whistler is like the long-term savings account for the community. Our objective is to help donors give back to the community in a way that creates personal meaning for them and impact on the community.

The Community Foundation of Whistler gives donors the unique opportunity to create their own legacy for the community in the form of an endowment fund. Gifts to endowment funds are pooled and form assets for the community.

Earnings from these professionally managed assets are granted back into the community each year to registered charities who are working to improve the community.

We are a charitable public foundation, operated by members of our local community who live, work and raise their families here in the Sea to Sky region.

We bring people together to create opportunities for dialogue, learning, and partnership. Our knowledge of the community helps us to create maximum impact with our grant programs.

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