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COVID-19 Response Efforts


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COVID-19 Response Efforts

During the COVID-19 crisis, Community Kitchen Program of Calgary is here operating as we have always done for 28 years. We have been through the many disasters that have affected our great city in that time and now how to respond to crisis. While the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced how we carry out our programs our resilience is strong and we will continue to be there for those living in food insecurity and poverty. School children, seniors and those with disabilities have urgent needs that are not being met. One of our pillar programs The Good Food Box Program provides fresh produce that comes in small, medium and large boxes that are priced prices are from $25.00, $30.00 and $35.00. That is one of our many programs that address poverty and hunger.

As we work through this pandemic please consider the less fortunate, every dollar you donate, makes a difference in someone’s life. They need you now; it may be the small child down the block who relies on school feeding programs to eat and now has nothing. Perhaps the elderly couple who cannot get out of the house. There are many in need and circumstances that create that need, so please come together and work with us now to ensure food is one less problem for them at this time. Donate to Community Kitchen Program of Calgary. Together many hands make the load light.