Community Visions and Networking (Quinte)


Business Number: 107980336RR0001

Community Visions & Networking (Quinte) is committed to promoting social inclusion, individual choice, interdependence and all legal and constitutional rights for all persons receiving services. 

Community Visions & Networking (Quinte) promotes individualized approaches in supporting people with developmental disabilities who also may be deaf, hard of hearing, or have a communication difficulty and who need and seek assistance to enhance their opportunities to live interdependently and to access their community.  Our employees strive for the highest quality of participation in citizenship.

We have had a community presence in Belleville, Ontario since 1978 actively involved in supporting over 65 people in their community in their own homes throughout the greater Quinte area. 

Donations are greatly appreciated to enhance the quality of life for people receiving services and the quality of supports provided by Community Visions and Networking (Quinte).

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