YWCA Muskoka


Business Number: 890754021RR0001

YWCA Muskoka champions positive change for women and girls through education, leadership and advocacy. 

Donations help our staff and volunteers to: 

• Provide youth education and leadership

• Prevent violence against women

• Build economic resilience and social capital for women

• Develop an innovative, responsive and sustainable organization

YWCA Muskoka is a community charitable organization that serves women and girls of Muskoka in central north Ontario. Uniquely a 'YW without Walls', we take an affirmative learning approach and reach out to over 1000 participants with programs and services each year in a large rural region.  YWCA Muskoka is proud to be one of 31 Member Associations affiliated with YWCA Canada.

What People Are Saying

"These programs were exactly what I needed and they came to me at the perfect time in my life."

— Business of Life and Women in Business participant

"When I win the lottery, my promise is to give back to the YWCA generously, you can't put a price on the help they have given me."

— Business of Life course participant

"I came back because at other camps I can't really express myself because of boys."

— Girlz Unplugged summer camper

"I can't believe you have some of our toughest kids and they're always so engaged."

— Elementary school teacher, on Boys' Quest

"One of the girls said she loved Girlz Unplugged because in the rest of the school and at home she feels invisible. The other girls empathized with her."

— Girlz Unplugged Facilitator

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