Comox Valley Ground Search and Rescue


Business Number: 870018744RR0001

We are a volunteer group specializing in providing ground and swiftwater search and rescue in the vicinity of the Comox Valley; Strathcona Park is in our “backyard” and is very much a "playground" for all types of outdoor activities for the whole of Vancouver Island.

We have teams trained to provide swiftwater search and rescue on inland waters, rope rescue, backcountry search and rescue, K9 search, avalanche rescue, and urban searches. We also provide Mutual Aid to other search and rescue groups when requested.

We are the one of the busiest Ground Search and Rescue team in the province: everything from fundraising to building renovations is done by our dedicated volunteers, who come from all walks of life in the community. We are on call 24/7 and have a membership of 55 people.

Most of our search and rescues for hikers, climbing enthusiasts, and water based river users are either in difficult to access terrain or in the road-less backcountry, hence radio communications are critical. Helicopter access is possible but is often limited by weather.

Comox Ground Search and Rescue works directly with the RCMP and the local community is very supportive of our efforts.

Comox Valley Ground Search and Rescue also provides public education/prevention programs through a range of Adventure Smart programs for children of all ages through to adults. These include Hug-a-Tree and Survive; Survive Outside; Snow Safety Education; Paddle Smart and Sled Smart for Snowmobilers (see

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