Comox Valley Land Trust


Business Number: 872590278RR0001

In Land We Trust

The Comox Valley Land Trust is a community-based, not-for-profit organization that works to protect and conserve the ecologically significant land and wildlife habitat of the Comox Valley region. The Comox Valley Land Trust operates two programs: the Comox Valley Conservation Partnership (CVCP) program and the Land Protection Program.

About Comox Valley Land Trust

The Comox Valley Land Trust works with public and private landowners to protect greenspace, ecosystems, wildlife habitat and landscape-scale connectivity in the Comox Valley.  We use a science-based approach to determine strategic priorities and work in partnerships to achieve conservation success.

We hold 11 conservation covenants on ecologically significant private properties throughout the Valley, and are the owners of 1 conservation area.

We also work proactively with local governments and the development community to modernize and streamline environmentally friendly land use practices and support low impact development technologies.

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