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G's FauxHawk for Jose in Nicaragua & the CSI Community Resilience Fund

Campaign Ends June 15, 2020

I'm getting a haircut for humanity that I (and I bet you) never thought I'd get because I want to help Jose, a 26 year old who was shot and paralysed during a peaceful protest for human rights in Nicaragua.

The $1000 we fundraise could cover his on-going health-related expenses for a 6 month period. This young man is bouncing back with an amazing amount of resiliency common to the people of Nicaragua.

A separate cause and another $1000 would boost the efforts of the CSI Community Resilience Fund, which is responding to Covid-19 and reimaging a planet-friendly economy. 

Please donate to these causes -- one local, one global -- so that I can get a Fohawk haircut and maybe even add a fancy streak of blue or pink! Please share my appeal with others.

Thanks for your support :)

- Gonzalo

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