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Company Erasga Society

Registered Name: Company Erasga Society

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Co.ERASGA believes that dance is a vital form of physical expression and communication for social reflection and cultural celebration.

Company Erasga Society


Our Mission

Founded in 2000, the mission of Co. ERASGA is to:

A) Support and realize the creative vision of Alvin Erasga Tolentino through dance,

B) Foster the research, creation and production of innovative new works in partnership with dance artists, and other creative genres (visual arts, music, theatre, performance art, video and film),

C) Recognize the Asian heritage and diversity within the Canadian multicultural context, and

D) Promote, share and celebrate dance to the widest and diverse audience in BC, Canada and abroad. Co. ERASGA also supports dance artists at both the emerging and professional level through involvement in the company's artistic processes, creations and productions.

Under the artistic directorship of Filipino/Canadian choreographer and dancer, Alvin Erasga Tolentino, the company explores issues of cultural identity, redress, hybridity and by juxtaposing the public and private territory to promote inter and cross-cultural visionary works.

Co. ERASGA is faithful to the kinetic power of dance as the core, source and tool for dynamic communication.


Alvin Erasga Tolentino’s commitment to art is the main pillar of the company’s dedication to fully engage in reciprocal creative processes of learning, collaborating and meeting their full potential. Co.ERASGA open up the company to community partnership feasible to our programming and operational capacity. We value community, the artists and their sense of identity and political voice that gives them a platform for integration, experience and artistic expression. Co.ERASGA is culturally diverse because it responds to the changes and growing diverse community and cultural values to explore issues of race, colonialism, ethnic identity, equality, racism and spirituality in the arts beyond and outside the western ideology.


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