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UPDATE December 2020

Thanks to your ongoing generous donations CIDC continued to send cash for food distribution throughout the Covid months. Our partners distributed between 450 and 500 food bags every two weeks. Times are still very hard for some families. Just this week we sent money to avoid an eviction of a family with three children who had used their rent money to buy food. Please continue to give generously

“There is food in the stores but not in the homes.

The Covid-19 shut down and disintegration of jobs in the poor neighbourhoods in which we work is already causing hunger. Unlike in Canada, there is no help from the Mexican government and people who were already poor are suffering.

 Our partners at La Cosecha Community Centre in Puerto Vallarta have begun delivering food bags containing, rice, beans, pasta, tuna, milk, chlorine, detergent, soap, cookies, crackers, corn flour, cooking oil. Each bag cost about $10 Canadian dollars each.

 Within hours after the first delivery, Letty and Mario heard from some of the recipients:

“This grandma living in colonia Cristobal Colon, next to Playa Grande, she takes care of her grandchildren, I think 3. She got a bag and as she did she said that they had not been able to eat much lately, their last meal was half of a torta (bun sandwich) they had been storing in their fridge, and she had to split in four so all of them could eat at least a bite.”

“This family of dad, mom and son work selling food in the street but had not been able to work, as they got the bag we gave them she messaged Letty to let her know that she had cooked their last meal and had no more to cook.”

 As bad as things are here at home, this is much worse. Mario and his team want to do another food distribution in two weeks although they know the needs may be even greater by then. They need funds to buy food. You can help them to feed families we know in these poor Colonias.