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"La Cosecha' is a Vineyard church and community centre being built in Colonia Progresso, Puerto Vallarta. Continuing our partnership with La Vina in 2017, CIDC undertook to fundraise and establish a dental/medical clinic inside La Cosecha (The Harvest) so that anyone in the surrounding impoverished neighbourhoods can access free care delivered by local and visiting dentists and doctors who volunteer their time. Two dentists in Puerto Vallarta helped design the treatment area and local doctors consulted on the medical clinic. The clinics opened in January 2018 and served over 200 patients between January and the end of March. CIDC thanks the Volunteer dentists, hygenists, nurses and doctors for their time, skill and care of the people in the community. Thank you also to generous donors who helped to achieve our funding goal of $40,000 for fixtures and equipment. There is still a lot of work to do!


  • Making a monthly pledge of $25.00, $50.00 or $100.00 to support the ongoing expenses of the clinic for dental and medical supplies, part-time staff and facility costs;
  • If you are a dentist or doctor, consider volunteering at the clinics for a half-day or full day per week while you are in Puerto Vallarta.
  • Donate office equipment and supplies. Please contact us directly for more information.


For those of us blessed to live in Canada, it is hard to imagine the poverty and struggle for daily food that many face in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Compassionet Impact Development Canada has been building houses and hope in the impoverished areas around Vallarta for eleven years. Our focus is always on housing but in 2017 we built and equipped a dental and medical clinic for the community in which we work.

Dental care is a luxury few can afford in these neighbourhoods. Oral health is generally very poor, often due to poor nutrition and the absence of preventative dental care. Almost every visit to a dentist is for an extraction and with no hope for repair, implants or prostheses. Children have no access to orthdontics so many young people grow up without pretty smiles or healthy teeth.

The two clinics are complete and the rest of the building construction focuses on classrooms on the second floor. The clinic area of about 240 square feet has two treatment rooms and a small waiting area. The dental clinic is fully equipped. Canadian and U.S. dentists and hygenists, doctors and nurses are volunteering to come and work making their vacations with purpose count Local doctors and dentists volunteer their time to make sure care is available when visitor volunteers have gone North. Additionally, the clinics are a place for public education in health and wellness, especially for maternal and baby health. 

CIDC facilitated ongoing legal, financial and operational support with the creation of a Mexican Civil Association (AC) with local community members taking leadership and responsibility.

La Cosecha Clinic is basic, accessible and free for those folks who cannot afford any dental or medical care and who badly need it.

PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY so we can build smiles and healthy bodies as well homes and hope!