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Secondary School in Mexico finishes at aged 15 and students who want to progress attend Preparatoria, basically the equivalent of Grades 11 and 12. Fees and costs for part time students are about $100 per month and many students attend part time and keep a job to bring income into the family.

In many impoverished families their daughters and sons cannot continue school beyond age 15 because their families cannot pay the expenses for school fees, books, computers and transportation. They prefer that their daughter get a job and bring money into the household. CIDC's SCHOLARSHIP Program matches sponsors with students, especially girls and young women, to continue their education past age 15. Currently, there are five young women hoping to start Preparatoria. All it takes is $90 per month to help them get an education and break out of the poverty in which they live. Please consider sponsoring one of them through CIDC's Scholarship Program.


Sandy is studying Physiotherapy.She is a top student with very high marks. She has only a year and a half before she qualifies. Her family struggle with finances but with the help of CIDC Sandy continues work hard and pursue her dreams.

Ellie is a very intelligent young woman but her family lives in extreme poverty. She has studied hard to learn English and sometimes interprets for us! With a scholarship from a CIDC sponsor, Ellie started at Preppa this year and is certainly capable of university but needs your continued support.

Nazli also began Preppa this year and is doing very well. She is a good student, participates in the life of her church community and studies English at the CIDC English classes every Saturday.


Jorge graduated with a degree in Architecture for CUC University. he is currently working as an architect.

Yerrania graduated Preppa with a certificate and is currently working at Vidanta Resort in Nuevo Vallarta.

Cindy graduated from Preppa with a certificate in Business. She hopes to continue her studies.