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Compassionet Impact Development Canada

Registered Name: Compassionet Impact Development Canada

Business Number: 846910958RR0001


Campaign Ended April 30, 2019

Tearing down shacks to build real homes.

 We founded Compassionet Impact Development Canada in 2008 after I went with a friend to visit Carlos and Isabel and their nine children. They lived on the outskirts of Puerto Vallarta Mexico in a one room tar-paper shack with no running water, pirated electricity and a mud-floor. I was appalled that families in Mexico, one of Canada’s closest trading partners, have to live in such terrible conditions. I discovered they are not alone. Tens of thousands of people, many of them employed and hard-working in the beach resorts and tourist sites cannot make enough to survive. The minimum wage is less than $10.oo per day.

 Tarpaper shacks are not decent housing; they are bug-infested, leaky, flammable and insecure. No place to raise a family. Every year Compassionet Impact Development Canada tears them down and gifts the families with a new home. Help us to do this for families waiting desperately for a decent place to live.

It is almost building season again in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Simple concrete block homes of about 350 square feet cost $15,000 - $20,000Cdn each to build, in addition to the cost of the land. We equip them with proper plumbing, electricity, windows, doors and a good roof.

 These  are very basic houses but they belong to the family and each house changes lives immediately. Many families continue to upgrade and extend the original home as they are able. Owning their own home allows each family to take the next step out of poverty, gives them hope for the future and a healthier life now. So much for so little.

In 2019, Compassionet Impact Development Canada will build a home for Gade and Anacleto. They live in a tar paper shack on some land Gade inherited from her mother. Last year, robbers broke through the flimsy walls and took all their food and clothing.  Anacleto is a beach vendor and Gade cleans houses. Both work very hard to make barely enough for their daily needs. Their new house, with one bedroom, a proper bathroom and kitchen living room will be a secure, healthy place for them to live safely.



Leonardo, Alejandra and their daughter Izel lived in temporary accommodation above the La Vina church in Colonia del Valle, Puerto Vallarta. They had been there two years, ever since they became homeless in their home town and had to move to Puerto Vallarta in search of work. Leo and Alejandra started a fresh juice business. Alejandra gets up everyday at 4am to prepare and bottle the freshly squeezed juices of fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds and coconut milk. She and Leo load them onto his little juice stand attached to his motorcycle and Leo drives off to his corner to sell what he can. Now they have a safe, decent place to live.


Please DONATE now so we can build homes in place of shacks.

Our target for winter 2018 - 2019 is a minimum $50,000 for two new homes.

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