Registered Name: Compass, Boussole, Akii-Izhinoogan Mental Health, Developmental and Community Se

Business Number: 128016383RR0001

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide for a continuum of mental health services for children, youth and their families with a focus on treatment, and to advocate for mental health, prevention and promotion.

Our Vision

Healthy children, youth and families in a responsive, culturally sensitive and caring community.


We are a community driven children and youth mental health centre serving Sudbury & Manitoulin Districts. We offer many different programs and services to children and youth up to the age of 18, who have mental health concerns.

1 in 5  children and youth in Ontario suffer from mental illness. Our centre serves approximately 723 clients on any given day.

Compass has been a registered charity since 2008. The funds donated to our charitable fund have allowed us to reach out to the community with events such as our annual Children’s Mental Health Week. The week’s activities work to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness and create a safe, and inclusive environment for all attendees. Our charitable fund has also helped us to develop programs such as our youth and family engagement initiatives that seek to unite those with a mission of educating others about mental wellness and the resources available.

Our charitable fund works in three ways: first, as funding for items or services a child and/or family may need. Second, it funds projects and events that promote our centre, services, and community resources. Third, the funds help our centre afford materials necessary to provide, aid, and enhance our programs and services.

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