NDG Community Council


Business Number: 107766131RR0001

The NDG Community Council is a not-for-profit organization started in 1942 that acts to promote, improve and sustain the well-being of the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce community and its residents.

The Council brings together and mobilises various actors especially in the priority sectors ( Walkley-Fielding , Westhaven, Saint Raymond and Benny Farm-Sherbrooke Forest) . As well as  involves residents in a concerted effort to identify community needs, to set priorities for action, as well as ensures implementation and follow-up. 

The Council plays several roles :

CONCERTATION : Facilitates collective action in an integrated manner to effectively improve the quality of life in NDG. By creating spaces and opportunities for local actors to meet, understand each other, and mobilize around common issues we have been able to increase our collective action, develop leadership and maximize impact (For more information on Tables, Committees and Coalitions

SERVICE  : Provides residents and community organizations with information and support on a daily basis. In addition we provide and/or host several services, such as : Tax Clinics, Information Referral , Second language conversation groups , tenants rights ( LogisActions NDG), Glasses services ( Bonhomme à Lunettes) , Weekly e-letter,  etc

MOBILISATION & SUPPORTING LOCAL INITIATIVES IN NDG: Support groups of local residents who want to make a difference in their community and to spearhead as well as facilitate mobilization efforts around issues of common concern in the community.

The Council prides itself on being an organisation for the residents; resident mobilization is at the root of our very existence. The following are a summary of some of these initiatives we are supporting : 

The NDG Art Hive / La Ruche d’Art de NDG is a successful neighbourhood-based arts and culture social economy start-up project, born from a group of talented, driven citizens in the St-Raymond’s neighbourhood in southern NDG.  

NDG Christmas Community Dinner

A volunteer-run Christmas Day event of food and fellowship! This thirty-year-old tradition serves festive meals to the community as a means to promote cultural exchange, along with live entertainment, games and gifts for the kids. 

Organized exclusively by an army of volunteers, this Christmas Day event of food and fellowship has been running for more than thirty 

Porchfest NDG  an annual music festival. This event brings together residents and musicians for a weekend of singing, dancing, and music.

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