COPE Service Dogs


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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a remarkable high school education program that engages communities and empowers students in the training of service dogs to help people with mobility disabilities.

About Our Charity

COPE Service Dogs helps high school students at risk of leaving school before graduation stay in school through a structured credit program and the use of service dogs in training. The program is unique in Canada through its use of dogs to help students learn. Students enrolled in the program help elementary school students reading below grade level or having trouble with mathematics and visit seniors in hospitals and nursing homes. The service dogs once trained are assigned to a life partner with a mobility disability. Ninety-eight per cent of those enrolled graduate and continue their education or find gainful employment. Testimonials speak to its life altering impact on the students, their families and communities. A gift to COPE is an investment in our youth’s future.

What People Are Saying

"This program has helped me with my therapy and to process my grief, since my Mom passed."

— Canines in the Classroom Student

"COPE really started my life in a way. It gave me the opportunity to become the person I wanted to be all my life."

— Canines in the Classroom Student

"Nova is my best friend, my helper, my comfort. She gives me courage to get through the day and take on new challenges. She keeps me calm and gives me confidence to go places on my own. I am so grateful to COPE for giving me this gift that brightens my life."

— Life Partner of Service Dog Nova

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