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CORE in Nepal

CORE has had ongoing programs in Nepal since 2006. After providing some immediate relief to groups where we have worked in the past, we have continued to focus on longer-term activities to help sustain the lives and livelihoods of poor and vulnerable people.

Our ongoing work includes:

Education for the very poor

 CORE continues to support, financially and technically, Society to the Urban Poor (SOUP) to operate three non-formal education centres for kids whose parents are too poor to send them to school. After ten months, the kids can write an exam to determine in which class they could start school. CORE and SOUP provide scholarships for 83 very poor kids to attend school. All three of the child centres resumed operating and our scholarship students are back at school with the start of the new school year.

In 2017, we are adding a project to help the children and parents of a very marginalized group living in the jungles and hills to the south of the Kathmandu valley in Makawanpur district.

Saving-credit to improve livelihoods

 We continue to support SOUP to conduct saving-credit activities (micro-finance) for very poor and vulnerable people in Kathmandu. Most of these people fled to the city after losing fields, homes, and livelihoods due to floods, droughts, family disputes, or during the conflict. Our saving program is designed especially to enable the poorest people to really participate and improve their livelihoods since it is flexible to accommodate whatever they are able to save. With over 300 current members, we anticipate that this program will have to grow in the coming months as members of the groups bring family members who have suffered in the earthquakes for refuge in the city.

Skills to enable poor town women

For seven years, we have been supporting training for groups, mostly of women, in the rural villages of the Kathmandu Valley to grow vegetables organically for their families and to sell to improve livelihoods. Some of these villages were completely destroyed in the earthquake, so CORE has already provided tin roofing sheets for 54 of the most affected families to construct temporary shelters before the arrival of the monsoon. We are also offering scholarship support to help parents to keep their kids attending school.

This project works with groups in the communities affected and a camp of those who have moved to escape the disasters to facilitate a needs assessment of the women's group, and provide training in growing vegetables, literacy, and leadership training to enable the women to solve some of the problems they face. We will continue our existing programs to support child centres for kids whose parents are too poor to send them to school and facilitate saving-credit (microfinance) for the mothers.      

CORE:  Our Mission

CORE International’s mission is to serve people in poor communities who have been excluded from conventional development assistance. To help them create opportunities to improve their quality of life through innovative solutions, advocating global responsibility, and working to facilitate lasting change that is guided by the needs and aspirations of the community.

CORE International will work as a partner with the many other Associations within the worldwide movement dedicated to ending poverty.


1. To advance education in developing countries by:

• establishing, maintaining, and operating education centres that will provide training for academic schooling, life skills, vocational skills, health awareness /education, appropriate technology, and indigenous knowledge.

• providing scholarships to students attending academic, life skills, and vocational centres.

• providing training and mentoring programs to enable front line workers to conduct educational, vocational, and skills training programs.

2. To relieve poverty in developing countries by:

• establishing, operating and providing micro-finance programs and related services for poor, vulnerable, and socially excluded people, and

• Providing emergency financial and technical assistance to the above people.

3. To educate the Canadian public on poverty issues in developing countries.

4. To undertake activities ancillary and incidental to the attainment of the above-noted objects.


CORE International focuses on developing partnerships and programs to address the self-identified needs of excluded people. We also work to build ‘bridges’ between groups of people, organizations, and individuals who are able to provide services and support. CORE has identified seven priorities for our development focus including:

• Gender and Social Inclusion

• Literacy, Education, and Participatory Learning and Action

• Sustainable use of resources to improve the livelihoods of the poor

• Primary Health Care

• Micro-enterprise projects

• Appropriate alternative technology and innovations

• Indigenous Knowledge.

What People Are Saying

"I have been a regular donor to CORE for five years. I believe CORE is an effective and well managed organization and am very satisfied that my charitable contributions are well utilized and reach the people I want to help. I highly recommend CORE to other donors."

— Kathleen McLaughlin

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