Corps Bara Dance Theatre


Business Number: 856100334RR0001

Living into our name "Corps," Latin for Body and "Bara," Hebrew for Create, we invite dancers to engage their own spirituality in the creation and performance of unique, challenging dance works that embody spiritual themes with a holistic and discernment-centered approach. In this way art is made excellent by deep personal reflection and meaningful themes, and artists are grown by pushing them deeper into themselves to create. Our community is positioned to foster vulnerability and honesty, to hold space for personal connection between artists. 

A mandate for collaboration with other community groups and investment into our local dance community are other guiding principles for our work.

Vision: We are a thriving contemporary dance company that explores life's meaningful questions.


We develop and invest in artists, facilitating an expansive, holistic dance practice to create and present work which engages our diverse audiences.

Our Impact:

▪ Our dancers have stability.

▪ Our dancers are challenged.

▪ Our audiences are our champions.

▪ Our partner and collaborator relationships are mutually beneficial.

▪ Our partner and collaborator relationships are stable and ongoing.

▪ The spiritual lives of our dancers, audiences, and partners are enriched.

We Value:

  • Creativity
  • Inspiration

  • Spirituality and faith

  • Collaboration

  • Individual Growth

"The purpose of the fine arts is to inspire the mind, move the soul and inflame the imagination. Corps Bara does all three for me".

Dr. Charles Nienkirchen

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