aluCine Latin Film+Media Arts Festival

Registered Name: Corrientes Del Sur Colectivo de Cine y Video/Southern Currents Film & Video Coll

Business Number: 896725355RR0001

The annual aluCine Latin Film+Media Arts Festival is Canada’s longest-running Latin film festival. The festival functions as a vital outlet for emerging and established Latin filmmakers living in Canada, Latin America and the diaspora, while our year-round screenings, symposiums and workshops promote the development of Latin film and culture in Toronto. In all of its endeavors, aluCine strives to transgress aesthetic, ideological and geographical borders and to transcend pre-established notions of representation as they pertain to Latin American culture in Canada.

aluCine’s mandate is to showcase and promote excellence and innovation in contemporary independent film, video and other time-based media. We provide a vital outlet to disseminate the artists works to a broader public both nationally and internationally.

Over the past 14 years, aluCine Toronto Latin Film+Media Arts Festival has risen to become the leading exhibitor of coveted Latin works with a film repertoire including over 330 premieres and over 22 gallery installations at exhibition spaces in the GTA. aluCine Festival brings highly-anticipated premieres of award-winning international films as well as a diverse showcase of independent work made by Latin-American directors.

The Latin American community in Canada has been growing steadily since the 1970s (Statistics Canada reports that since 2006, Spanish is one of the Top 5 non-official languages spoken in Canada), and the contributions of a new wave of Latin Canadian media artists are gradually finding reflection in the Canadian cinematic landscape. Supporting the exhibition and critical examination of Latin American media art is crucial to this development. 

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