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Country Heritage Park

Registered Name: Country Heritage Agricultural Society

Business No: 813821006RR0001

We are truly a square peg in a round hole, a quasi-social enterprise that provides a safe operation so that community can build for all.

Country Heritage Park


Country Heritage Park is a hidden gem that is a vibrant hub, a vital connection point where the rural and urban worlds come together harmoniously. Here, our mission is clear: to create a community within a community, a bridge of knowledge and experience that links schools, families, and residents throughout the province with the incredible world of food and farming.

We are an established rural-urban bridge on an 80-acre property, bringing together community, private, and public partners to innovate, interact and collaborate on the deliverance of events, education, and hands-on experiences, focusing on educational aspects with an altruistic bent towards ensuring that communities have proper access for food and well-being. We are intersectoral, with a wide breadth of activities geared at all ages, with an emphasis on youth.


At Country Heritage Park, our Mission Statement is to the point: We are a centre of excellence for food and farming education inspiring change within the most diverse global sector. We are driving partnerships and collaboration with like-minded companies and organizations, through the development of a solution-driven food and farming think-tank that will, by its very nature, strengthen food and farming literacy while fueling innovation and creativity. In short, we are building a community within a community. In addition to working to connect dots on education, working on food literacy and insecurity issues, wellness and mental health issues, and working with a number of organizations all involved in food and wellbeing, CHP continues to evolve to meet our community’s ever-growing needs.


8560 Tremaine Road


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