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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a trap neuter and return (TNR) program for feral and stray cats in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, BC; to whenever possible remove feral kittens from the wild and socialize them and adopt them out as pets; to attempt to assure all feral colonies under our management have an adequate and reliable food source, to educate the public regarding the causes of and solutions to feral cat problems in the community; and to provide as funds permit low cost spays and neuters for those living below the poverty line, all of which will reduce the number of cats living in the wild and improve the quality of life for those which remain there.

We also provide foster care for cats belonging to women who are going into the transition house, since research indicates that many abuse victims will not leave their pets to the mercy of the abuser and so put themselves at risk by staying to protect their pets.


We are a dedicated group of volunteers operating a successful trap, neuter and return program for feral and stray cats since 1999. We rely entirely on private donations to fund our program, which spays and neuters almost 500 cats each year, and socializes and adopts out well over 100 kittens in the same period. We are now raising funds to create an on going low cost spay program for pet cats belonging to people living on public assistance in order to further reduce the number of unwanted kittens born in our community. Further information about our program can be found on our website at and on our Facebook page.

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