Business Number: 891723843RR0001

Keep CTRA Stable through COVID-19

With a prolonged timeline of protective measures in place, as announced by the B.C Health Minister, CTRA programming has been suspended for an indefinite time.

We have been proactive since the start of the outbreak to safeguard CTRA and navigate the effects of this crisis on our program and its future.

CTRA has laid off all of its administrative staff and instructors, keeping only an essential small team of barn staff. Rest assured, the CTRA staff are still fully committed to their roles but as volunteers for the duration of the shutdown. We will continue to move CTRA steadily and assuredly through this pandemic, to be ready, willing, and able to open our barn doors and therapeutic equestrian programs once again!

Two things are paramount at this point. We need to stay connected as a community. And we need to care for our herd of therapy horses (our unicorns!). We will be utilizing our social media channels to keep riders, volunteers, and our supporters engaged and informed. We will also be transparent in our appeal for help in providing for the ongoing daily care of our horses and essential costs of our facility. Much of our funding is program-dependent but includes some operational funds. Without these program-dependent funders, CTRA must rely even more on our community to keep the operational dollars coming in.