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CPAWS Wildlands League is a not-for-profit charity that has been working in the public interest to protect public lands and resources in Ontario since 1968, beginning with a campaign to protect Algonquin Park from development. We have extensive knowledge of land use in Ontario and a history of working with governments (provincial, federal, Aboriginal and municipal), communities, scientists, the public and resource industries on progressive conservation initiatives. We have specific experience with impacts of industrial development on boreal forests and wildlife that depend on them, as well as dedicated protected areas establishment and management expertise.

Our work is dynamic. We don’t just talk about an area or an issue. We get to know it inside and out. We understand the players, the pressure points and make sure our contributions add value. We are a small yet highly effective charity that brings scientific rigor, credibility and creative solutions forward. And we help connect people with nature through local polar bear swims and paddles in the Rouge.

  • We often work in coalition efforts, creating a broad base of support for conservation campaigns and reaching diverse communities.
  • We support people and their dreams for wilderness; we engage them and create space for their voices to be heard.

Thousands invest in our legacy of wild places.

CPAWS Wildlands League is one of thirteen chapters of The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, working across Canada to protect our wilderness.

What People Are Saying

"Great atmosphere, it was nice to see all the participants happy with the event and seeing kids become interested about the environment"

— Volunteer feedback survey, Paddle the Rouge 2017

"I feel CPAWS does a great job informing and educating people about conservation which is important."

— Ron Krause

"It was one of the most memorable experience for me and my son. We look forward every year to Paddle the Rouge . Its been our 2nd year and every year Paddle the Rouge gets better . It is a great experience for my son who can paddle and enjoy the nature and encourages him to be part of the nature . "

— Shivani and Kevish, Paddle the Rouge 2016

"I donate to CPAWS but wanted to make a donation to Wildlands League for the Moose project. Growing up in Northern Ontario and now living in Toronto, I just can't imagine a world without these beautiful majestic creatures... Your work is so important. Never quit."

— Wildlands League donor

"I am making this donation to do my small part in protecting wild animal habitat, whether grasslands or wilderness or wetlands or rivers and oceans. Thank you for all you are doing to protect our wildlife and preserve our environment for future generations."

— Wildlands League donor

"Thank you for caring about our wild animals and our forests. They must be saved. Walking thru the woods and smelling the fresh scent is so relaxing and invigorating at the same time. Seeing wildlife just makes it so much better."

— Wildlands League donor

"My impressions of the Wildlands League after participating in Paddle the Rouge are excellent. The event was a huge success and goes to show how much the organization cares about the environment."

— Volunteer feedback survey, Paddle the Rouge 2017

"Wildlands League is Awesome! Great event, well organized, a lot of really happy and impressed attendees, and it all ties back in to the great work that you are doing for the Rouge and Ontario."

— Volunteer feedback survey, Paddle the Rouge 2017

"Paddle The Rouge is a fun and enjoyable charitable fundraiser that not only allows you to go canoeing, but also discover different aspects and wildlife of the Rouge River and other places in the world. "

— Dhruv Patel

"I would like everyone to know that the Paddle the Rouge showcased beautiful aspects of nature and every minute out on the boats felt special. "

— Penelope G.

"I didn't know Rouge Park existed. I grew up in the suburbs and have been living in Toronto for about 2 years. I love spending time in nature and it is nice to know that it is within transit distance to my home."

— Volunteer feedback survey, Paddle the Rouge 2017

"I love CPAWS Wildlands League! They do great work in Canada. "

— Participant feedback survey, Paddle the Rouge, 2017

"I think the Wildlands League is a positive organization that increases awareness for the conservation of our environment through interesting initiatives."

— Volunteer feedback survey, Paddle the Rouge 2017

"Wildlands League is doing a great job to introduce nature not only to the kids but to the parents too. "

— Parent of Youth participant, Paddle the Rouge 2017

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