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About This Charity

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect wilderness through the establishment of protected areas and through the promotion of natural resource use that is sustainable for nature, communities, and the economy.

We combine credible science, visionary solutions and bold communication to save, protect and enhance Ontario’s wilderness areas.

About Our Charity

CPAWS Wildlands League has extensive knowledge of land use in Ontario and a history of working with government, communities, scientists, the public, and resource industries on progressive conservation initiatives.

We have specific experience with the impacts of industrial development on boreal forests and the wildlife that depend upon them. We closely monitored and participated in the Mining Act Modernization process and currently we are closely following the development of regulations under the Mining Act and aiding in that process, and are monitoring impacts from early exploration activities, land use and environmental assessments in the area known as the Ring of Fire in northern Ontario. We are active participants in the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement, a historic agreement signifying a new era of joint leadership in the Boreal Forest.

Join us. Protect the spaces you love.