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Preserving Ontario's Boreal Ecosystem


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Preserving Ontario's Boreal Ecosystem

Wild spaces and the species that rely on them are disappearing at a staggering rate. The world needs more wilderness, for species, for wildness and all the precious values they hold. We work tirelessly to help protect North America’s Boreal ecosystem, a climate regulator and carbon storehouse.

It is one of the largest terrestrial carbon banks in the world. It is also the continent’s main nesting area for nearly 200 migratory birds. Up to three billion migratory birds breed here every year.

This unique ecosystem supports hundreds of plant, mammal and fish species, most in decline elsewhere. For some, it’s their last refuge. It stores more fresh water in its lakes and wetlands than any other terrestrial system on Earth. How we manage this continental treasure will have planetary implications.

Help us save this continental treasure - the carbon-rich Boreal ecosystem.