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Campaign Ended Nov. 30, 2016

Boreal caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) is classified as threatened in Ontario and nationally across the country.

This means that as a species it is “likely to become endangered if nothing is done to reverse the factors leading to its extirpation or extinction”.

Boreal caribou were re-assessed in November 2014 by COSEWIC (Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada) and determined to be Threatened.

Why? Because much of its habitat was found to be degraded and the species declining especially in the southern part of its range in Canada.

Wildlands League has been sounding the alarm on boreal caribou for over a decade.

Caribou are bellwethers of the Boreal Forest’s health. They thrive in landscapes that are largely untouched by industrial development.

In Ontario alone, we have lost 40-50% of its historic boreal caribou distribution. And local caribou populations here are facing high-risk situations. In Alberta and Quebec disturbance levels are over 80% for some ranges.

Protecting the habitat of boreal caribou benefits the Boreal Forest ecosystem as a whole including the many other species that rely on healthy, intact forests for their survival such as wolverine and interior songbirds. Further, intact ecosystems offer more resilience to the effects of climate change.

At Wildlands League we work tirelessly to help protect North America’s Boreal ecosystem, a climate regulator and carbon storehouse.

We work on a number of collaborative projects that aim to protect caribou habitat. Learn more about our work in the Abitibi River Forest, or with transmission line proposals in caribou country.

Help us SAVE CARIBOU in the world’s most carbon-rich ecosystem, the Boreal.



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