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Moose project

Moose are in trouble in Ontario. The Environmental Commissioner recently reported that their numbers have dropped by 20% over the last 10 years, with a rapid decline in the last three.  They are facing many threats that are made worse by climate change, but there are factors that could be addressed immediately.  

What are the issues? 

  • Ontario permits calves to be killed by licensed hunters.  Calf hunting can have serious negative impacts on moose populations.
  • Poaching is a problem.  The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry does not know how many moose are taken illegally. They don’t even have the capacity to know, let alone stop it.  
  • Moose need roadless space. Logging roads are constantly expanding, with the support of a subsidy from the Ontario government. Moose need a place of respite from hunters and poachers who use the roads.

Why does this matter?

Moose are important components of a healthy forest, essential country food for Indigenous people and a driver of the tourism economy of northern Ontario.  They are part of Canadian identity. 

What can you do?

Make a donation to support this work.  With more money we can reach more people and demonstrate to the government that people care about moose and their future. We’ll work to end the calf hunt, increase funding for science, monitoring and enforcement and create moose refuge areas.

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