Business Number: 894565795RR0001

Established in 1976, C.PP.S. Mission Projects has drilled over 600 wells throughout Tanzania, East Africa.  Over 90% of wells drilled to date continue to produce and today they provide over 1 million people with clean water.  C.PP.S. Mission Projects builds and maintains complete water extraction, storage and delivery systems, in both urban and remote areas.

Today, in addition to the Water Project, C.PP.S. Mission Projects has built and operates St. Gaspar Primary School in the village of Miyuji, north of Dodoma, Tanzania.  This school serves almost 900 children and their families, providing education and 2 meals per day for each student.  Students are also provided 2 uniforms per year.

In January, 2015 C.PP.S. Mission Projects opened Venerable John Merlini High School for the graduates of St. Gaspar Primary School.  Venerable John Merlini High School has become home to over 500 students, and like St. Gaspar Primary School, it has also provided food and uniforms to its students.

In 2015, C.PP.S. Mission Projects initiated an ambitious fundraising campaign with the goal of providing an endowment fund to ensure the future operation of both schools.  In addition to this endowment fund, C.PP.S. Mission Projects will undertake a capital campaign with the goal of raising $1.2 million, which will enable the purchase of a new drilling rig for the Water Project. This necessary upgrading of equipment will ensure that the Water Project can continue to provide the people of Tanzania with the most basic of human rights - clean water - for the foreseeable future.

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