Creation Ministries International

Registered Name: Creation Ministries International (Canada)

Business Number: 118878891RR0001

About Creation Ministries International

CMI is a church-building ministry. By providing biblically sound and scientifically accurate answers to questions people have about Genesis and the creation/evolution issue we build up believers in their faith. With offices internationally, we employ more PhD scientists than any other Christian organization. Our website ( features over 12,000 faith-building articles summarizing more than 40 years of creationist research. The Canadian office produces CMI's TV show Creation Magazine LIVE! in addition to other teaching videos made available for free online. These programs, along with speaking events happening all over Canada are funded entirely by Canadian supporters.

What People Are Saying

"We’ve been reading Creation magazine since we were married 30 years ago. Our oldest son was raised on it! He is on his way to University to study for his Ph.D. in astrophysics. We feel confident in his ability to stand firm in his faith after years of reading your materials. "

— Sarah B.

"Thanks guys for another great episode [of Creation Magazine LIVE!]. I truly enjoy your show and CMI has been a great blessing to my life. You reignited my faith and removed my doubts. May God bless you and your ministry!"

— Jamil G. (via YouTube)

"As always, I really enjoyed receiving the [Creation] magazine. I have used it to witness in hospital waiting rooms to good effect. May God give you guidance and bless you as you continue to do this excellent work.” –Audrey M., Pointe-Claire, QB"

— Audrey M., Pointe-Claire, QB

"What a blessing your magazine has always been to me! It is the highlight of my week, when it arrives. Thank you! "

— Rita, A., Rockcliffe, ON

"Please never stop making these [Creation Magazine LIVE TV show episodes], they help in more ways than you guys will ever know! I regularly speak to many Co workers and friends about these topics. The views might not be there yet, but the message is flourishing! Thank you so much!"

— skihas1 (via YouTube)

"... great video/s and great work. You guys (CMI) have helped bring me (and I believe countless people) to, or back to, Christ and the Truth. And given me a much clearer worldview and understanding of everything, A love of learning, love of Truth, love of life, and love of God."

— Matthew M (via YouTube)

"You guys are my favorite apologetics ministry. Thank you for all that you do! Your videos [Creation Magazine LIVE!] are intellectually stimulating and engaging/fun too!”"

— Glory Spren (YouTube name)

"Wonderful! I just found you guys 2 days ago and I am about to blow up the internet watching all these videos. This is the most amazing apologetics info channel I have found. I already purchased some books from the website. I cannot believe I have never heard of you. Great job!"

— Sarah L. (via YouTube)

"We greatly appreciate your ministry across Canada. We have been at the convention in Red Deer, AB and enjoyed it very much. We also attended the presentation of Jim Mason... The magazine is such blessing each time it arrives. God bless your ministry! "

— David & Darlene F., Calgary, AB

"“Your site [] has been my ‘go to’ site for any questions that I have an am so grateful that you are on the web. Your articles are biblical and very well researched. May our Lord bless CMI for lifting up the name of Jesus” "

— Ingrid Z., Sturgeon County, AB,

"You'll never know how much Creation Magazine Live has helped and blessed me. I have gradually transformed from an atheist, to a Christian but old earth creationist, and finally to a young earth creationist. God bless."

— Randall M (via Facebook)

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