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Creston Museum


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Restore the Logging Arch

Campaign Ended May 31, 2020

A logging arch is a horse-drawn log-skidding machine. The one at the Creston Museum has been in the Creston Valley since 1913, possibly earlier, and is one of the few large industrial artifacts in the Creston Museum's collection. It is the only one that's exclusive to the horse-logging methods of the Valley's early forest industry.

It's also fairly rare; not many of these magnificent machines survive.

And - it's huge! The sheer size of its ten-foot-diameter wheels emphasizes the scope and scale of the early forest industry. Just looking at it gives you a feeling of awe and respect for the people who used it to carve their livelihoods out of the wilderness.

After decades of exposure to the weather, parts of the wheels are falling apart and the spindles, which run from the axle through the hubs, are nearly rotted completely away. Without the extra bracing that's been added, the logging arch is near collapse.

You can help keep the logging arch around so future generations can marvel at its size (and the strength and determination of the people who made and used it).

Rebuilding the logging arch will cost approximately $30,000. Remington Carriage Museum in Cardston, Alberta, will do the work, using historic wheel-wrighting methods and authentic materials. The end result will be a fully functional log-skidding machine - wouldn't that be an awesome sight rolling through the Blossom Festival parade next year?

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