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Save Our Bears

Campaign Ends June 30, 2020

Bubbles experienced the ordeal of losing his mother and pining on his own for days in Maple Ridge. Luckily he is now at Critter Care Wildlife Society where he has been joined by another 17 orphaned cubs! These little cubs are all orphaned as humans killed their mother, and now they must survive on their own. Out in the wild, they had no chance. Critter Care Wildlife is their only chance to grow up safe so that they can go back to the wild next year. However, they need your help!

How You Can Help: These orphans need a full year’s care which Critter Care can provide, but there is no government financial support for their care. Most of these bear cubs suffered because of the negligence of individuals or communities that do not follow bear-smart policies to protect them.

We ask you to consider that if you value your grandchildren’s legacy, our natural heritage, you will want to ensure that these animals are here for generations to come. These keystone animals contribute so much to our ecosystem and help our forests stay healthy. If you find it in your hearts to help us raise these orphaned little cubs, please donate whatever you can so we may continue to provide the best food, medicine, care, and enrichment to ensure a successful release with a real chance living back in the wild next summer.

By donating to the Save a Bear fund, you are entitled to full bragging rights to tell your children and grandchildren that you really did make a difference! Show your children that you know that every life matters and every living being deserves a second chance. That is what we believe at Critter Care, and we stand up for wildlife because they do matter! Join us, make a difference by donating today.

Our goal is to raise $200,000 to provide for the care of these eighteen cubs.

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