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Castle Streaming

What is Castle Streaming:

Castle is a unique video streaming platform that provides high-quality faith-based content for all ages. This includes programing on YES TV, as well as readily available content from Crossroads productions such as 100 Huntley Street. The purpose of Castle is to provide accessible Christian and other religious content that sparks intimate conversations amongst audience members tuning in.

What is the problem?

The biggest issue facing the Castle platform is the rising number of secular sources for digital streaming such as Netflix, Prime Video, and more. On top of this, Castle production costs are dependent on the financial support of donors as well as the already low subscription cost.

What is the need?

The needs, therefore, come in two-fold. One, that our donors would continue to generously consider and support our missional vision of sparking conversations amongst viewers far and wide. And two, that our production abilities would continue to be supported and sustained to continue filling our platform with accessible content.

Desired Outcome:

The overall objective is to roll out 258 episodes of children and family faith-based content on Castle, Crossroads live-streaming platform by September 1, 2019. This will help spark meaningful conversations, God’s purpose in the lives of audiences, and teach children about developing their own faith.

How can you help?

By donating to Crossroads and Castle streaming platform, you can help promote digital streaming for all ages through a healthy output. Donate today and subscribe to Castle at