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Clean Water: Uganda


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Clean Water: Uganda

Global Water Crisis

1 in 3 people globally lacks clean drinking water, leading to 3.4 million annual water-borne disease deaths, especially in children under 5.

Donor Impact

Through donations, Crossroads Cares provided clean water to 238,809 Ugandans across 239 mainly rural villages.

Our Mission

In Uganda, we're on a mission to provide life-saving access to clean water for children and families in rural communities. Through the drilling and refurbishment of wells, we're ensuring that clean water is within reach.

A single well in Uganda can positively impact up to 1,000 people in a local community. Thanks to the unwavering support of our dedicated donors, we've already transformed the lives of over 238,809 individuals, successfully completing 239 wells.

The cost of refurbishing a well is $3,500, while a new well, accounting for factors like location, depth, and soil, is $6,500.

Every drop counts and every dollar makes a difference!

How Your Contribution Helps

  • Improves the health of children and enables them to attend school.
  • Helps protect the women and children fetching the water from long distances.
  • Reduces domestic violence.
  • Advances the well-being of a community.
Make a difference: Extend this life-changing initiative to 20 new communities, with 10 new wells and 10 refurbished wells, ensuring that even more Ugandans gain access to the clean water they deserve. Your support can help save a life by providing the clean water they are desperately asking for.