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First Peoples Voices

What is First Peoples Voices?

First Peoples Voices is dedicated first and foremost to sharing the stories and testimonies of the people that first lived on this land. Our mission is to introduce clothing, medicine, equipment, and of course, the gospel message to our Indigenous brothers and sisters in need.

What is the problem?

Hundreds of farmers, manufacturers, charities and Christian organizations have agreed to donate their produce to support our mission, but we cannot cover the cost of transportation. First Peoples Voices wishes to cover these transportation costs, and we’re thrilled when we can, but because of the expiry date on fresh produce, we can’t always follow through in time.

What is the need?

Simply put, food delivery is the main reason why we are asking for your support. Having funds readily available to cover the transportation costs of the produce Canadian farmers are willing to donate is not always possible, but we have hope that one day our response will be “YES! WE CAN PICK UP THE PRODUCE AND DELIVER IT TO OUR INDIGENOUS BROTHERS AND SISTERS TOMORROW 100% of the time!”

Desired Outcome:

To find long term sustainable ways to redirect the 31 billion dollars of nutritional food thrown out every year in Canada and get that food redirected into the northern Indigenous Communities that don’t have access to and can’t afford to buy healthy food.

How you can Help?

By donating to First Peoples Voices, you are directly impacting the lives of thousands of Indigenous people with healthy, fresh food. And not only are you assisting our transportation needs, but also helping us spread the gospel message to these communities and peoples.

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