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Hey Meisha!

Our Mission

Hey Meisha!, brought to you by Crossroads, is dedicated to reaching children ages 5-10 with enduring Biblical principles. The program inspires kids to develop a personal relationship with God through an engaging and interactive collection of gospel-centered content that children eagerly anticipate year-round. Crossroads' HEY MEISHA! comprises a TV show, YouTube channel, Activity Magazine, and Virtual Bible School, all designed to inspire kids to embrace a life founded on Biblical values.


Hey Meisha! episodes and digital content are free for viewers worldwide, and Crossroads’ commitment is to keep it that way. However, producing high-quality daily content requires millions of dollars. This is where you come in. Here are several compelling reasons why your partnership plays a pivotal role.

Create Future Episodes and Seasons

Each contribution empowers our dedicated team of producers, directors, writers, animators, and talented creators to excel in their calling. They, in turn, deliver spiritual sustenance by revealing the transforming story of Jesus, imparting profound Biblical teachings, and cultivating a community for hope.

Grant Free Broadcast & Digital Access

By participating through membership, you not only continue receiving free access to our programs but also contribute to the global spread of the Christian message. Your support ensures that we can provide our content on broadcast television and through digital platforms without a viewing fee.

Enjoy Membership Perks

When you become a Crossroads member, you’re joining a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for faith, values, and positive change. Members gain access to exclusive content, invitations to special events, and qualify for group discounts through our partners. To gain full membership benefits, become a monthly member at

Make a Difference: Your monthly contribution is not only a testament to your good stewardship but also an essential part of our planning for the future. Your consistent support helps us continue our mission of sharing the transforming story of Jesus and making a positive impact on lives around the world. It’s a tangible demonstration of your commitment to our shared vision.