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Persecuted Women: Nigeria


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Persecuted Women: Nigeria

Our Mission

Stand with us in supporting Mara's House in Nigeria, a sanctuary for persecuted women and their children who have endured unimaginable challenges. We are dedicated to the cause of helping over 240 traumatized young women who have been rescued from persecution, terrorism, kidnapping, sexual violence, child marriage, and the depths of socio-economic deprivation. Within the secure confines of Mara's House, we offer a lifeline to these brave survivors by providing them with comprehensive care. This includes vital medical attention, educational opportunities, vocational training, and essential pastoral care to help them rebuild their lives. Furthermore, we empower over 60 widows who have lost their husbands due to persecution, equipping them with skills training and the means to establish their own businesses, allowing them to provide for their families and achieve self-sufficiency.

Make a difference: By supporting Persecuted Women, you become a beacon of hope for these resilient women and widows, offering them a path to healing and self-reliance after enduring unimaginable trials. Your contribution is making a lasting impact in their lives.