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See Hear Love

What is See Hear Love?

See Hear Love is a web and TV show for millennial women discussing faith, community, life, love, and relationships from a unique, Canadian, Christian, and female perspective. Our mission is to create a safe and authentic community for millennial women where they can hear stories, ask questions, and share their journey so they can grow in their faith and understanding of Jesus.

What is the problem?

According to a recent poll by Angus Reid Institution, women under 35 tend to express more active loneliness than any other age group. With a growing number of lonely women in need of community and fellowship, the time has never been more urgent to create a safe space for women to grow and be challenged in their faith.

What is the need?

In recognition of this issue among millennial women, See Hear Love is dedicated to establishing this community, but we need you, to prayerfully consider and financially support our ongoing ministering to women both young and old. The consistency of our work depends on the consistency of your donations towards our show’s production and distribution.

Desired outcome:

To preserve and promote the continued production of See Hear Love, creating a safe and authentic space for Christian women, both young and old, to experience and share in each other’s stories. Through funding, there is hope to continue opening our doors to a community of women struggling through life and through faith in Jesus.

How can you help?

You can help by donating to the See Hear Love donation page, making payments either one time or monthly. You can also help by asking questions and getting in contact with the team of See Hear Love through their website.